Right now, the Cowboys sit below three teams in the draft order and are tied with the Los Angeles Chargers at 3-8. Naturally, losing out will be the preferred goal if Dallas is chasing draft positioning. Therefore, these four other squads are the ones we'll focus most on here.

The New York Jets currently sit at 0-11 and in control of the No. 1 pick. If we're being realistic, they're not going to win three of their last four games to end up in a coin-flip scenario with the Cowboys. However, surprises do happen—and it's very hard to finish a season winless—so fans should hope to see the Jets upset the Las Vegas Raiders.

There may not be much drama in this one. While the Raiders were blown out by the Atlanta Falcons in Week 12, they're not a bad football team. In fact, they're 6-5 and still have a shot at the postseason.

This game shouldn't be particularly close, even with Las Vegas traveling east to play on the road. Fans should only need to hope that last week's disaster didn't break the Raiders' will.

This is another game that, on paper, shouldn't be close. The Minnesota Vikings are all but out of the NFC playoff race, but at 5-6, they do still have hope. The 1-11 Jacksonville Jaguars—set to start Mike Glennon at quarterback for a second straight week—do not.

Presumably, the Jaguars aren't too interested in winning anyway. They still have a shot at securing the No. 1 pick, and there's virtually no way they aren't eying one of the top quarterbacks in this draft class. A win over Minnesota means nothing compared to a chance to select Clemson's Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State's Justin Fields.

Now, the Vikings have experienced their fair share of let downs in 2020—they too, got blown out by the Falcons. However, with weapons like Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson on the roster, they should surge past Jacksonville.

The Cincinnati Bengals sit at 2-8-1, and their tie could come into play. If the Bengals finish with the same number of wins as Dallas, the Cowboys will leap them in the draft order.

This game should be a bit closer than the first two we've examined. No, the Bengals aren't good, especially now that Joe Burrow is done for the year. However, the Miami Dolphins have been inconsistent for a 7-4 team and have yet to decide between Ryan Fitzpatrick and rookie Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback for the week.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald , the Dolphins will make that decision on Sunday.

Tagovailoa has shown promise, but he has also had his fair share of rookie struggles. He had just 83 passing yards against the Denver Broncos before he was pulled with a thumb injury. If he gets the start and has a similar outing, Cincinnati could steal one here. Fans should be hoping for exactly that.

If Cowboys fans hope to avoid a coin-flip scenario with the Chargers, they should want Los Angeles to win at home versus the New England Patriots. This is entirely possible for a variety of factors.

For one, the Patriots haven't been that good this season. They're 5-6 and still in the playoff mix, but they've struggled offensively and have a run defense ranked just 21st in the league. With running back Austin Ekeler back in action for the Chargers, they could have a hard time on the road.

Secondly, Patriots quarterback Cam Newton may not be at 100 percent. He was listed on the injury report (abdomen) this week, though he has downplayed the issue.

"I'm feeling as good as I should be feeling," he said in a press conference.

If Newton isn't at full strength, the Chargers will have a decided edge at quarterback. Rookie Justin Herbert has been special this season, and he can hand the Chargers—and draft-focused Cowboys fans—a victory here.