If you're having trouble finding a job after graduation, consider relocating to either Washington, D.C., or Columbia, MD. 

New year, new job! If you're looking to change up your career or maybe just graduated college (congrats!), consider looking into Washington, D.C., and Columbia, Maryland. According to a report by WalletHub, both D.C. and Columbia land in the top 10 of best cities for jobs! 

Columbia, Maryland, ranked at No. 2 overall out of 182 U.S. cities on the list! Cities were evaluated for job market rank and socio-economics, across 30 metrics. Columbia came in at No. 4 for job market rank and No. 5 for socio-economics, which helped it to clinch the No. 2 spot overall.

Nearby D.C. landed at No. 8 overall, with a No. 11 job market rank and No. 32 socio-enonomic rank.

Unemployment is down to a whopping 3.7 percent (while the hiring rate is up), and employers are aiming to hire 16.6 percent more applicants than last year. This means that graduates will have an increase in job prospects before and by the time of their graduations -- Just be sure to get your applications in! I landed a job before graduation because I made sure to apply before my graduation date -- when no one else was applying. 

Check out WalletHub's map of their findings on the cities' job prospects:

Courtesy of WalletHub

Graduating college is a scary and emotional time because you have to put down the books and pick up the applications. Say goodbye to your school and hello to the opportunities!  

Depending on where you live (and how happening the job market is) will determine your success rate of finding a career. We also advise that you make sure you are very active with submitting your applications -- it's a tough world out there. 

To see how all the cities ranked, check out the full list here!

Do you plan on applying for a job before graduation? Are you graduating in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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