We knew this was coming, but it's now official: we're the worst at driving in the rain and snow.

A recent study from Allstate has concluded that D.C., Maryland, and Virginia drivers are the worst when it comes to driving in the rain and snow. 

According to Wusa.com, out of the largest 200 cities and their surrounding areas, "Baltimore, Maryland, ranked the worst, the District ranked the third worst and Alexandria, Virginia, is the eighth worst." 

As a Virginia driver myself -- as I'm sure is the case with the surrounding areas -- this comes as no shock to me. Let's be honest, people: we need to learn a few lessons from our friends up north when it comes to driving in the elements.

We think we know what we're doing. We really do. But we don't know a thing. May this be a wakeup call to realize that though we're good at football here, we've got a ways to go with driving.

What are your thoughts on our driving proficiency in the DMV? Let us know! 

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