D.C. United fans have been griping about the bag/purse policy and the endless lines due to security screening. Turns out, management was listening!

Just in time for the season opener against the Atlanta United, new bag guidelines were sent out for Audi field in a press release.

D.C. United

What can I bring to a D.C. United game?

Your best bet is to not bring a bag -- have your wallet, keys, and phone in your pockets if at all possible. If you must bring a bag, it has to fit the following criteria:

  • no backpacks
  • no larger than 14"x14"x6"

Good news, though: The bags you bring in no longer have to be clear, but if they are, they still have to meet these rules. Items that are strictly prohibited include coolers, luggage, and bags larger than the dimensions listed above.

How will this help the line move faster?

There will now be two lines to get into a game -- one for people without bags and one for people with bags who have to go through security screening. Hopefully this will cut down on the congestion at the stadium entrance.

D.C. United, soccer

What if I forgot the bag rules and have nowhere to stash my stuff?

Binbox Lockers has you covered! Simply download their app and locate a locker close to the Audi field entrance. You can pay and unlock a locker right from your phone, then swing by after the game and pick everything up. This is the first year of the partnership, so you might want to reserve your lockers early if you think you'll need one.

*All photos in this article are courtesy of D.C. United.

What do you think about this new bag policy? Will it help ease the delays getting into a D.C. United game? Are there other things that you'd suggest to make things run smoother? Let us know in the comments below!

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