The Denver Zoo announced today that its two polar bears, Cranbeary and Lee, will be leaving the Zoo this fall, and their current exhibit will become a grizzly bear exhibit.

Honestly, we're completely heartbroken about this announcement.

Today, the Denver Zoo has announced that its two polar bears are being transferred to other zoos in the hopes of being paired with new mates to produce offspring.

Cranbeary, a 14-year-old female, and her mate, Lee, an 18-year-old male, will be separated and moved to The Alaska Zoo and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, respectively. Cranbeary is set to leave sometime this month, and Lee later in the fall.

"Polar bears are an iconic species and have a long and storied history at Denver Zoo, and we know they'll be missed by our staff, volunteers, donors and the community," said Hollie Colahan, VP for animal care at the Zoo, in a statement. "Denver Zoo is committed to all of our animals, and while our polar bears receive excellent care, it's important that they are paired with mates who may prove to be better breeding partners. The decision to relocate Cranbeary and Lee will benefit the welfare of both polar bears in the long run."

In their absence, the polar bear exhibit will be transformed into a grizzly bear habitat for the zoo's two grizzlies, Kootenai and Tundra. "These and other developments around the Zoo are part of implementing the vision of the 'A New Denver Zoo' Master Plan ... and will ensure the Zoo remains a model for animal care, conservation, and sustainability," states the Zoo.

The Denver Zoo encourages its guests to say goodbye to the two beloved polar bears before they're transfered. 

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