Two red panda cubs were born at the Denver Zoo on August 27, with news of their birth being kept a secret for nearly a month.

A month after their arrival, the Denver Zoo has announced that they've welcomed two new members to the family. Two male red pandas were born on August 27 to Hamlet and Faith. They have yet to be named. A spokesperson for the Zoo said that it's standard procedure to wait until both the babies and parents are in good health before sharing the news with the public. So, while we won't be able to see the cubs in person just yet, zoo officials have a video below of the adorable animals to hold us over until they make their public debut.
Both cubs have been under watchful eye by the zoo's veterinarians, each receiving supplemental feedings to help with their growth. According to the zoo, the brothers are "pretty feisty." Stay updated on the cubs by visiting the Denver Zoo's Facebook page. Are you excited to see the brothers when they make their zoo debut? Let us know in the comments!
All images courtesy of the Denver Zoo.

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