Downtown Aquarium Playing Nursery to Eight New Stingray Babies

Although the public won’t enjoy the latest additions for a while yet, eight new South American river stingray babies are making the Downtown Aquarium their home. The babies are being kept in the quarantine facility in order to monitor their diet and growth. Once they’ve matured a bit, they’ll be on display. Stingray babies are also known as pups! Litters can range from one to 21 pups, with the size of the litter dependent on the mother’s age. Rob Brynda, curator at the Downtown Aquarium, said that about 58 percent of pups survive through their first year. Those that make it typically have an average lifespan of 6.6 years to 15 years in captivity.

The Aquarium's population of freshwater stingrays are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums breeding programs called Species Survival Plans or SSP’s. Across the country, the SSP’s help zoos and aquariums maintain the diversity and survival of various species of animals. As soon as these pups are ready for viewing, you can guarantee I’ll be there to see them!

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