The word's out! For Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, Disney is giving us all a reason to celebrate. 

It's not every day that a mouse gets to turn 90, right? I actually don't think that has ever happened before.

So, this year in tribute to the great and legendary Mickey Mouse, Disney is pulling out all the stops, and thank goodness we don't have to be in Florida or California to really get the celebrations on! Disney is making their iconic Mickey Mouse ice cream bar available outside of their theme parks. And because this is Disney we're talking about, rest assured that they'll make sure to hit the shelves of as many major grocery stores as they can!

Now, I'll lighten up on my excitement a little. Take away a little bit of the pixie dust and get down to the hardcore facts that any ice cream lover, not to mention Disney fans, should pay attention to when these magical bars hit the shelves this February. 

Courtesy of My Big Fat Happy Life Blog

First, I should probably disclose that there is no real magic in these ice cream bars (though there is something to say about the nostalgia). You definitely won't be flying out the window like Peter Pan and Wendy. (I know -- I wish Disney would somehow change that, too; I've always wanted to visit Neverland and escape from these adult responsibilities. Ugh.) 

Second, if anyone knows anything about Disney, it's that the prices tend to be crazy-high. These bars in Disney World are priced at a whopping $5.75 apiece. Although these store-bought Mickey Mouse ice cream bars will be slightly smaller (3 oz. rather than the 4 oz. bars you can purchase at the park), it's still a killer deal. The grand total for this box of six Mickey Mouse ice cream bars is ... wait for it ... $7.49!

Courtesy of WDW News

And, the boxed bars are made with lighter (skim milk) ice cream, clocking in at 210 calories, whereas the Disney World bars -- which you have to travel to the parks for, pay a ticket for, and then pay the price for -- have 330 calories.

The ice cream bars are hitting the shelves in just a few weeks. Grocery stores are special-ordering them as you read!

Our managing editor's daughter in 2008.

The Mickey Mouse ice cream bars will only be available for a limited time, so I suggest to stock up!

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! And enjoy the ice cream bars, everybody! 

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