"Cookie Dough Overload" combines three cookie flavors with a rich, brown-sugar vanilla ice cream.

When it comes to ice cream, few flavors have gripped the nation quite like cookie dough—it's an iconic and unbeatable combination. But what if there was a way to possibly—and hear us out—make it even better? Blue Bell Creameries is giving the classic flavor a deluxe makeover with their newest creation, Cookie Dough Overload!

The ice cream features three types of cookies instead of the usual one, and Joe Robertson, Blue Bell's Executive Director of Advertising puts it pretty matter-of-factly: "Why choose only one or two dough pieces when you can have three?" Now that's the spirit!

The Texas company's newest concoction is an ice cream lover's dream. It combines three different cookie flavors—chocolate chip, peanut butter, and chocolate fudge cookie—into a delicious brown sugar-infused vanilla ice cream.

"We have flavors that contain the chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough pieces," Robertson said. "But, this is the first with fudge cookie dough pieces. It is a great-tasting trio!”

cookie dough

Courtesy of Blue Bell Creameries' Facebook

Cookie Dough Overload is the first new flavor to start off 2020. But that's just the tip of the cone: Robertson also mentioned there's "more to come," as well as the return of cult favorites like Red Velvet Cake, which dropped in stores last month. Knowing Blue Bell's track record, we can only imagine what other tantalizing flavors await us this year!

Cookie Dough Overload will be available in pints and half-gallon containers, making it easy to customize your cookie dough fix. Like all good things, it will only be available a short time, so get it while you can! From a Facebook post dated March 2, it appears the flavor has begun to hit store shelves. Not sure where to buy it? You can locate your nearest grocery store here.

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