The Fairfax County Public School System is offering an alternative for furloughed federal employees -- they can apply to be substitute teachers!

As furloughed workers are seeking alternatives for the work they're missing, an interesting option has come up, courtesy of FCPS -- substitute teaching.

The demand for work is so high that the two hiring events (January 11 and 15) are all sold out, with no additional spots. FCPS still wants to hear from applicants, though, and encourages submissions via their online application system.

What do you need to apply?

Applicants should be prepared to upload the following along with their online application:

  • a current resume
  • a copy of your undergraduate college transcripts that show 60+ credit hours if you are applying to be a substitute teacher
  • a copy of your high school diploma if you are applying to be a substitute instructional assistant
  • a signed, current letter of recommendation from a current or previous employer
  • a signed, current letter of recommendation from a character reference (you may not use a family member for this)

Applicants will also receive an email about completing an online assessment called Gallup TeacherInsight. This tool will help FCPS determine if you have good potential as a substitute teacher.

After you complete the online application and the TeacherInsight program, call (571) 423-3030 and choose option #1 to speak to the Office of Substitute Employment.

How much do these jobs pay?

A substitute teacher makes $100.59 per day.

A substitute instructional assistant makes $94.78 per day.

Both half- and full-day assignments may be available on an as-needed basis. Substitute teachers provide coverage in the classroom to deliver instruction and maintain a constructive educational setting.

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Do you have experience as a substitute teacher? What are your thoughts about this new opportunity? Let us know in the comments below!

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