Virginia Beach is getting its first "food boat" this year. The Barnacle plans to open for the season at the Narrows on 64th Street starting on May 1!

Food trucks have been all the rage in recent years. I'm not talking hot dog carts, but real food trucks. But I've always wondered why the concept stopped there. Why not boats?

Well, someone else beat me to it. Launching this year, The Barnacle promises to be Virginia Beach's first (and currently only) food boat. Not only will they take walk-up orders, but there will also be a drive-through lane for boats as well.

It wasn't easy getting The Barnacle sea-worthy (and up to code). Business partners Bo, Tracey, and Shea purchased the pontoon boat last year and then got to work retro-fitting it to become a floating kitchen.

Bo says that The Barnacle will be making the rounds this summer, especially at the Narrows on 64th Street and Chicks Beach. Forget about having to run back to the car to go get food. This summer, the food will be coming to you.

All of the food sold this year will be in bubble cones, modeled after the infamous Hong Kong cones that have been blowing up on social media. Yes, they look like waffle cones, but the Barnacle won't just be serving up ice cream.

"There will be a pizza cone, taco cone, chicken and waffle cone, and a desert cone," Bo explains. Basically, if you can dream it, they'll be putting it in a waffle cone. The idea solves the main problem of serving food at the water. Instead of using large amounts of packaging and plastic utensils, The Barnacle's food will be its own container. That means less trash on the beach and in the water.

Right now, the Barnacle's home base will be at the Narrows on 64th Street, but they will frequent Chicks Beach from time to time. The food boat will be open from 10:30 a.m.– sundown, Thursday–Sunday (weather permitting).

Walk-up customers will be able to access the boat via a mobile dock and boaters will be able to pull up right next to The Barnacle to get their orders.

Are you excited for The Barnacle? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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