Some estimate that the 300,000 packs of contraband noodles could be used to feed an entire college campus.

A 53-foot tractor trailer containing $98,000 of Ramen Noodles was stolen In Fayette County, Georgia, according to reports from local police.

Fayette County's Lt. Allen Stevens told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that the theft of the white 2004 Stoughton trailer had allegedly taken place at a local Chevron station. Police inquiries confirmed that the vehicle had not been towed.

At approximately 29 cents per pack, the thief reportedly could have escaped with more than 300,000 packs of Ramen Noodles in tow. Ramen Noodles are -- iconically -- one of the cheapest foods on the market, and a staple of scrounging students and sodium addicts everywhere. Perhaps the thief was just a really big fan of this elite delicacy available for $2.99 a 12-pack at your local 7Eleven and simply could not contain his habit much longer.

The thief has not been found, and his intentions with the illicit noodles remain unclear.

What would you do with 300,000 packs of Ramen Noodles? You could feed your entire college campus. Is a starving freshman the infamous thief? How did he pull off such a high-stakes heist for such a bottom-tier product? Let us know your hot take in the comments below.