See how the coronavirus epidemic is affecting hospital capacity in Paulding County and across Georgia.

DALLAS-HIRAM, GA — While U.S. coronavirus cases and deaths have been trending downward over the past week, hospitals across the country still report straining to meet the demands of the ongoing pandemic.

At the national level, during the week ending Jan. 25, deaths were running at an average of just under 3,100 a day — down from a peak of more than 3,350 in the weeks prior, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. New cases were averaging about 170,000 a day after hitting almost 250,000 earlier this month.

Meanwhile, state health officials in Georgia reported to the federal government that 83 percent of all inpatient beds in hospitals across the state were still occupied as of Jan. 23. Around 28 percent of beds statewide were filled by COVID-19 patients, they reported.

Another set of federal data released this week shows how close one hospital in Paulding County is to reaching capacity. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes this capacity data on a weekly basis for tens of thousands of hospitals nationwide, including the portion of inpatient beds occupied by adults confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19.

The latest hospital-specific numbers, included below, are current through Thursday, Jan. 21.

Health experts have said that the share of each hospital's total beds devoted to coronavirus is key to understanding the strain on its resources. A share greater than 10 percent is said to be a cause of concern. When that share exceeds 20 percent, a hospital is said to be under extreme stress, and as the share approaches 50 percent the stress is said to be immense.

Here are the latest figures for Paulding County.

Editor's note: This list was automatically generated using data compiled by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services . The local hospitals included in the list are limited to those included in the government data. Please report any errors or other feedback to .