Lots of people want to win free stuff  like posting about losing one's job for a free burger at Burger King, but there are some embarassing-free ways to do it for DMV residents!

Sure, I love free burgers and the ability to use social media to connect with long-forgotten classmates, old business associates, or friends I have not seen (or talked to)  in decades.  However, posting on social media -- LinkedIn.com to be more specific -- about getting fired or losing one's job, pink-slip style -- is not a very great thing to have happen for most people. Even when it means winning a delectable free lunch (burger in this case). In fact, it can be rather traumatic and potentially lead to other very negative outcomes.  Indeed, Burger King had a promotion that offered a link on LinkedIn for those who posted that they were fired, to get a "Whopper Severance Package."  The Burger King promotion started on August 29th and ended at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 1st. According to the promotion, the LinkedIn poster would have to publish the following: “I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #WhopperSeverance.”   [caption id="attachment_4053" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Person In A Blue Suit Holding Whopper. Person In A Blue Suit Holding Whopper. Photo courtesy of BK Facebook page.[/caption] If you live in the DMV area however, there are much more painless, if not embarrassment free ways to win free stuff. Here is the short list of some web sites that D.C., Maryland and Virginia residents can check out and enter.


This website offers entrants (aged 18 and over) a chance to win stuff like tablets, a 19” Flat Screen TV, vaping kits, blenders, and other cool prizes.  It is a site for only those claiming residency in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  It is nice if you are a Maryland resident like I am to see some specific attention from companies holding contests like these.  It states on their website that entrant's information is not sold to third parties, so that is good to know as well. For more information on how to enter to win stuff from DMVFreebies, please visit their site.

Are There Other Contests That Are Social Media Based?

I must admit, I haven't heard of many odd promotions or contests like the one Burger King had, especially one that was made just for LinkedIn. However, there are companies that promote contests similar to Burger King's, but more along the lines of a person entering through more typical platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Hashtags found on Twitter.com like #onlinecontests, #giveaways, #onlinegiveaways are full of posts that may pique one's interest for contests as well.  I must say, comfort food can be quite the draw when it comes to what Burger King had to offer, especially when people are down on their luck or proverbially, "pounding the pavement" looking for their next employment opportunity. There are websites like Freebie Shark  or TheBalance.com that provide lists and details about specific companies or organizations running sweepstakes or contests. While the contests listed on sites like Freebie Shark  or TheBalance.com are not specifically geared toward residents in the DMV area, sometimes there are limitations as far as contest rules and eligibility for only those living in specific states or U.S. territories is concerned.   They could be nationwide contests. It just really depends on the company or business entity promoting it. Typical contest rules require contestants to share their love for a product through a status or Instagram post, or to express some kind of big wish or fantasy. All with an underlying action of sharing the company's page, product, or website. It just really depends on the rules of the contest, but it's always good to read a contest's terms and conditions as well. Just in case. What do you think?  What are your favorite contests or promotions to enter that won't cost you anything? Have you had any luck with winning contests?