According to The Virginian-Pilot, the Pamunkey tribe is in negotiations with the city of Norfolk to buy land for a casino right by Harbor Park. How will this impact Norfolk residents? 

Norfolk is an ever-improving area that continues to raise its aesthetic appearance or "curb appeal" seemingly every year. And the addition of a casino to the beautiful waterfront property surrounding Harbor Park will only further cement this trajectory. 

Concept pictures released by the Pilot are stunning, to say the least. So if you have doubts about how the project would look, per se, there is little to worry about. 

But would the presence of this casino have a significant impact on the economy of Norfolk residents? A large and very recent North Dakota State University study would indicate not. 

The study shows that casinos, like any other property, are subject to the ebb and flow of the economy and are not single-handedly able to "save" an area from economic decline. 

So should there be a major impact on the goings-on here in Norfolk? Not really. Norfolk residents can breathe easy and enjoy the beautiful new building, should it go up. 

Apparently, there is already a lot of support for this project, as the Pilot reports that it already has the support of 64 percent of registered Hampton Roads voters. And honestly, it makes sense; it livens up the area and gives residents another fun way to spend free time. 

So when would the building go up? There is no timetable right now, as negotiations are ongoing. Factors include the style of gambling (class 2 or class 3) and the purchase of the property, which has complications of its own. 

So for now, we are in a waiting game. But soon enough, there just might be something else to do after seeing The Tides play ball. 

What do you think about this proposed casino project? Let us know in the comments so we can keep the conversation going! 

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