Quick thinking and a call to 911, two sanitation workers save a young girl's life.

It's the happy ending we all want to hear to a terribly awful situation. A young girl, 10, was kidnapped in New Iberia, Lousiana, on Sunday, February 7; an Amber Alert was issued that night.

"I was on my trash route. I just seen this gray car parked in a field, there was a dude who has that little 10-year-old girl. I just saved that little girl's life, bruh. Thank God, bruh. They got him now," said Deon Merrick.

Deon Merrick and Brandon Antoine were on their daily sanitation route when they spotted a car in a field matching the description on the Amber Alert. The car was 20 miles away from New Iberia, in St. Martin Parish. Deon captured his emotions and details in a Facebook Live video.

The sanitation workers blocked off the entrance to the field, so the car couldn't get out, as they called 911. The video captures footage of the suspect, Michael Sereal, being escorted by police. According to Louisiana State Police, the girl was evaluated by medical staff.

"She's safe right now," Merrick said while mentioning that he also had a young daughter.

Pelican Waste & Debris, LLC, the sanitation company where Merrick and Antoine work, gave a shoutout on its Facebook page congratulating the staff members. 

Sanitation workers, like Merrick and Antoine, have been working throughout the year continuing their work as usual amid the pandemic.

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