A Richmond Police Officer was forced to discharge his weapon on Sunday morning after a knife-wielding suspect confessed to murdering his wife and then threatened police officers.

Richmond Police Department received a 911 before dawn on Sunday morning from a man who claimed he had strangled his wife and was going to kill himself. Police responded to the suspect’s home in the Town & Country Apartments on Armfield Road in South Richmond. They first confronted the man at the door. Officers deployed a stun gun but it “proved ineffective” against the knife-wielding suspect. The report says the man threatened officers with a knife before he was shot once by police. As part of Richmond’s policy, the officer who discharged his weapon has been placed on administrative leave pending a full after action review. Police did discover a woman’s body in the residence. The male suspect was arrested and treated at the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. At this point, police are not releasing the suspect or victim’s names.
"This was in response to a call placed from that location by an adult male, who told the dispatcher he had strangled his wife and was holding a gun to his head," a Richmond Police spokesperson said. "The female's name will be released once a positive identification has been made and next of kin notified."

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