A New York man who became lost in Great Sand Dunes National Park was found safe after 5 nights.

Bryan Skilinski arrived at the Great Sand Dunes National Park on the morning of February 11th. Days later park services realized he was missing after they noticed his car sitting unattended in the parking lot on Medano Road. He was lost for over 5 nights. Skilinski had become disoriented during his first day at the park while hiking in deep snow and had spent the remainder of his time trying to find his way back to his car. He trekked miles and miles of terrain while exposed to snowstorms, high winds, and low temperatures.
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Search and rescue teams set out to find Skilinski as soon as it had become known he was lost. They found him around sunset about a mile and a half south of the visitor’s center.

“We could not have asked for a better outcome and I want to personally thank all of the staff and search and rescue team members who provided their expertise in helping to locate Bryan.” -Great Sand Dunes National Park Acting Superintendent Scott Stonum

Skilinski is expected to make a full recovery.

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