The man reportedly made the offer to several officers.

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew David Rosenberg of Frederick, Maryland, thought that he might know a way to get out of trouble with the police. After getting apprehended by police for possession of marijuana, Rosenberg attempted to bribe police officers with doughnuts.

Rosenberg insisted that he worked at Krispy Kreme, and he would give the officers free doughnuts if they would let him "just go home." He reportedly made the offer several times to different officers, promising that, in exchange for his release, he would supply them with as many doughnuts as they wanted.

The situation grew problematic when Rosenberg refused to stop offering the Frederick police officers doughnuts. His requests persisted to such a point that he was charged with attempting to bribe public employees. 

Things first got rough for Rosenberg when police approached him as he walked down the street looking in the windows of parked cars. The detectives said they grew suspicious of him once he tried to simply walk away in the middle of their conversation.

The encounter led the police officers to search him, at which point, unfortunately, they discovered he was carrying a pistol and a small bag of marijuana.

It was at this point that he began offering the officers doughnuts.

According to the Frederick News-Post, he also tried bribing them with money. Notably, however, the attempted financial bribe was only his last resort after the doughnut offer was unsuccessful. Rosenberg clearly thought the doughnut bribe would be sufficient.

Unfortunate news: It turns out that working at Krispy Kreme does not, in fact, give you a guaranteed out with police officers.

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