The man has offered no apology or explanation.

Davidsonville, Maryland, resident, Hunter Hardesty jumped on a pelican in Key West, Florida, last week and is now under fire on Facebook after posting a video of the incident. 

The video has received over 20,000 views and 425 comments from people expressing their opinions and concerns for the innocent animal. Hardesty feels that his actions were “ok” and offered no apology or explanation.

Several Florida locals reported Hardesty to the police and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Although both authorities were notified, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be taking over the case and will be handling his prosecution. Currently, they plan to file two criminal charges against him. 

Watch the video here:

Courtesy of Easy Vlog 

As seen in the video, Hardesty lured the pelican to him with a small fish, lunged on him, and then forcibly held the bird against its will while laughing and posing for a shot in the video. A woman is heard yelling in the background, “If you don’t get out of there, I’m going to call the authorities.” The pelican was clearly in distress, but held its own, biting Hardesty before managing to get away. 

In response to comments from horrified users on social media, Hardesty posted: “Next time ima eat him for dinner!! Wonder what they taste like.”

Users were furious and appalled by his statement, and the video went viral. So he followed up the following morning, stating, “The book blowin up on a Friday!! Sheesh.” 

Hardesty then posted to Facebook on Monday: “I’m so hungry I could eat a pelican."

The pelican will get its justice soon enough! 

This is an unfortunate event, and we at OCN hope the bird was not harmed! If you see someone harming the wildlife, please report the incident to the FWC on their website! Check out safety tips for viewing the wildlife, here!

**Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail

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