Spring is here and warmer weather is right around the corner. Plan a family trip to the Maryland Zoo to see the new bobcat exhibit!

The Maryland Zoo has opened its gates to two bobcats for a brand new exhibit for all to enjoy! The addition of Josie and Kilgore is just the beginning of new additions to the zoo.
We are thrilled to announce renovations to the exhibit space next to the otters to bring bobcats to the zoo...Bobcats, while seldom seen, are native to Maryland and it seems fitting to repurpose the space for such an enigmatic species" - Don Hutchinson, President/CEO, Maryland Zoo
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has started renovating space inside with Maryland Wilderness area to introduce new animals to the zoo. Kilgore and Josie should be just the beginning of new animals.

The habitat is close to the otters just outside of the Marsh Aviary. Maryland Zoo regulars will know this area as the former home to the red foxes. The habitat will include a pool, and Hutchinson explained they  demolished some of the high rock walls to create a lot of space for the bobcats to climb and jump.

Meet The Newest Additions to the Maryland Zoo!


Maryland Zoo Kilgore is a young male who was found by a fisherman in June 2016 in Oregon. The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife picked up the kit before turning him over to the Oregon Zoo to be cared for. "The Zoo staff took him in when he was approximately 6-weeks-old and weighted a little less than two pounds," said Erin Cantwell, mammal collection and conservation manager of at the Maryland Zoo. Since Kilgore was so young when he was found, he was not a candidate to be released back into the wild. Kilgore was named after Kilgore Falls, Maryland's second-highest vertical waterfall.


Maryland Zoo Josie came to the Maryland Zoo from Tulsa. This sweet looking gal is six years old, and her keepers describe her as mature, watchful and attentive. She and Kilgore are meant to be companions, but are not recommended to breed. There isn't much more information about Josie than that... but look at that face!!! For now, Kilgore will be in the bobcat exhibit from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. as he acclimates to his new surroundings. Josie has not fully acclimated to the space, so she will not be in public view just yet. But rest assured, the two have been introduced behind the scenes and will grow closer together once they're both used to their new home!

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