It’s no secret to natives that Colorado is a great state. After hundreds of thousands of people joined the Great Migration to Colorado, numbers of transplants are finally starting to slow.

In recent years people have been joining the migration to Colorado in droves. Much to the dismay of natives attempting to hold close their once hidden little secret. As a result, traffic has gotten worse, hidden gems have been revealed, and housing prices have been driven through the roof. migration to colorado Well natives rejoice! As the US Census Bureau states, Colorado is the second fastest growing state in the nation. Numbers show 22 percent fewer people are moving to Colorado compared to previous years. Tax records also confirm this drop, and they are also showing where the most transplants are coming from.   People from California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, New York and New Mexico have produced some of the highest numbers of those who joined the migration to Colorado. However, while less people are moving into Colorado, less are leaving the state as well. The number of current Colorado residents leaving the state is down 28 percent. migration to colorado For those who are leaving our beautiful state, it seems they are going back to where they came from with the highest numbers leaving for Texas, California, Arizona and Washington. Numbers are also showing people are sticking where they are inside Colorado. With all the people who joined the migration to Colorado, they seem to like where they are. Numbers also show fewer people moving across county lines. What do you think about these numbers climbing and declining? How have you been impacted by this Great Migration to Colorado? What do you think will happen now that numbers are slowing? We’d love to hear from you!!  

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