Don't believe a rat could pull a fire alarm? Well, we've got video!

D.C. is notorious for having a rat problem. Well, now the rats are just messing with us! One prankster rat in a Washington, D.C., condo was caught on camera pulling the fire alarm, which caused the building to be evacuated.

NBC Washington posted the adorable (or horrifying, depending on your view of rats) footage on social media recently. The evacuation happened last summer after the fire alarm went off, but no one could figure out why. That is -- until they reviewed the footage and caught the real culprit.

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Last year, D.C. was ranked the fifth worst city for rats by the pest control company Orkin. The report notes that fall is the start of rodent season, so D.C. residents should keep an eye on their fire alarms in case the rats get any more ideas.

After his triumphant stunt, #FireAlarmRat is now taking the internet by storm!

Some find the situation humorous while others are asking the tough questions ... like why the rat pulled the alarm in the first place! Maybe he had the diabolic plan to get all the residents out of their home so he could steal their cheese. Or maybe he just needed some entertainment in the middle of the day.

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Whatever his motivations, thank you for the laughs, #FireAlarmRat.

What do you think? Why do you think the rat pulled the alarm? Let us know in the comments below!

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