This spring, explore the use of light in art when you visit this new Denver Art Museum exhibit.

No, it's not an indoor laser light show set to EDM, but it is a thought-provoking journey through the concept of light in art. 

The idea of light makes an appearance in art in multiple avenues. It is represented in a physical sense, creating a depiction of the natural world, but is often more symbolic as well. This spring, the Denver Art Museum intends to explore the use of light in art with "The Light Show." 

"The Light Show" will feature about 250 objects pulled from the nine curatorial departments at the Denver Art Museum, creating a narrative that will inspire viewers to think about light in art, both from a physical and symbolic perspective. Themes of light will be explored with numerous types of art, like ancient sculptures, classic paintings, photographs, as well as a variety of materials, such as metal work, glass, and textiles. Contemporary installations will also be featured. 

According to the Denver Art Museum, "The Light Show focuses on the quest by humanity and artists to understand physical light in the natural world as well as metaphorical, spiritual, and divine representations of light."

To explore light from multiple perspectives, the exhibit will be presented in two different stages. The first stage will explore physical light and make its debut on May 19, while the second stage, which will focus on symbolic interpretations of light, opens on June 2. The exhibit will be open until May 3, 2020, and will be included in general admission. 

Some pieces will include a 1900 oil painting by Childe Hassam, an artistic work of mirrors on a wood frame created by Lucas Samaras in 1970, a painted metal sculpture from Ettore Sottsass created in 1981, and a beautiful chandelier-like sculpture made with glass, brass, steel, and light bulbs by Fred Wilson in 2017.

Do you plan to check out "The Light Show" this spring? Let us know in the comments.

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