Marijuana industry is lending a hand in the $1.3 trillion national student debt crisis. Utilizing MJ tax revenue to create a marijuana funded scholarship.

A new marijuana funded scholarship program is about to kick off and give Colorado students a head start in their education. According to, the scholarship will benefit high school seniors livingĀ in Pueblo County.
We are the first community in the world to provide a cannabis-funded scholarship to every graduating high school senior. It is so critically important to make college affordable for our youth if we want to provide long-term economic opportunity to our community. Too many kids can't afford to go to college, with this program we are taking cannabis tax revenue and using it to provide a brighter future in Pueblo." - Pueblo County Commissioners office
With this marijuana-funded scholarship, every qualifying student in Pueblo County would receive $1,000 for college, and would have to attend either Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University - Pueblo. The remaining funds in the scholarship program are projected to be doled out to students based on merit and specific needs.  
  Any Pueblo County graduating high school senior that will attend either Pueblo Community College or CSU-Pueblo are encouraged to APPLY for the country's first marijuana funded scholarship. The program's first full year of funding will provide up to $475,000 garnered from Pueblo's cannabis tax. The fund was created in the wake of a 2015 ballot initiative, utilizing half of the County's cannabis tax dollars; the other half is allocated to "community enhancement projects." Applications for the scholarship close on April 30, 2017 so jump on that application FAST, Pueblo County grads!

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