A cigarette butt-free Ocean City could potentially become more than a fantasy!

There's plenty of Instagram potential lurking around Ocean City. If you look close enough, though, the trash and litter that's been left behind becomes an eyesore. However, fear not: Ocean City is looking at ways to reduce the number of cigarette butts littering the beloved resort town!

If you've been a recent visitor to OC this summer, you may have encountered the Strawless Summer campaign. Places around Ocean City were giving up straws to help reduce the number of straws that littered the area and endangered the animals in the local waters. And now, OC is thinking about tackling their next biggest problem: cigarette butts. There is already a smoking ban in effect on both the beach and boardwalk, and with six 55-gallon barrels of cigarette butts getting collected in beach receptacles alone, who knows how many get left behind elsewhere in the town?

According to WRDE Coast TV, the local government is thinking about teaming up with local nonprofits and businesses to create grant-funded programs to reduce the cigarette butts that have been left around the city. One suggestion that has been made involves businesses getting specific receptacles for discarding finished cigarettes, then the receptacles would be collected and sent to recycling centers at no cost. But, any outcome that is reached is a great idea to us, and we'll keep our eye out for more information!

What would be your reaction if Ocean City settles on a way to reduce this kind of waste? Do you have any ideas on what could be done? Drop a comment down below!

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