A charitable boy used his love of the Ocean City Funcade to help the less fortunate!

When most of us think of charity, we probably think of clothing drives, soup kitchens, and the like. But have you ever thought that an arcade could be used to help others? We didn't either ... that is, until we learned about what this extraordinary 12-year-old boy did with the help of his love for the Ocean City Funcade!

According to The Dispatch, Talan Carruthers is quite the arcade lover. Over the course of a year, he saves up money that he receives with the help of birthdays, holidays, and chores (portions of these funds also get donated to help others) to bring with him on his family's trips to the beach each summer. Then, once he arrives at the Ocean City Funcade, he racks up impressive amounts of tickets.

Except -- Talan doesn't do what most kids his age would do with those tickets. Instead of cashing in the tickets for things he'd want, he cashes in the tickets for items to give to the less fortunate. And after earning more than 268,000 tickets this summer, he'll be able to give away bikes, an Xbox, Amazon Fire tablets, and more as Christmas gifts for those in need!

This isn't the first year he's done this. In 2017, Talan earned 255,000 tickets at the arcade and collected toys and electronics to give to less fortunate families. This year, the gifts will be given to a Guatemalan orphanage, as well as needy families that have been found by Talan's church.

OCN gives a round of applause to Talan's generosity and others that do the same thing to help those that need it!

What do you think of what Talan Carruthers did at the Ocean City Funcade? Do you have any messages for him and his family? Drop a comment in the section down below!

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