Over the weekend, the Ocean City Jeep Club helped out the animals at the Worcester County Humane Society.

No matter how much love we have for animals, there's simply no way that individually we can provide care for all the ones out there that need help. Thankfully, the Worcester County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that helps take care of those Maryland animals that don't have a permanent home yet. And this past weekend, the Ocean City Jeep Club lent a helping hand to the shelter and all the furry friends that call it home.

On February 16, the OC Jeep Club made its third annual supply run for the Worcester County Humane Society. Members of the club met up at the Teal Marsh Shopping Center, and soon after 12 p.m., a long line of Jeeps began making their way to the shelter with supplies that the shelter needed, like pet food, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach, dog and cat toys, and more. 

Ocean City Jeep Club

Courtesy of Ocean City Jeep Club's Facebook

“It was really a no brainer," Mike Locke, President of the OC Jeep Club, told The Dispatch. "My wife Patty and I are huge animal lovers as well as many of the OC Jeep Club members. We know the shelter is always in need of supplies, so this is a fun way for us to help the animals.”

If you'd also like to help out the Worcester County Humane Center, you can apply to volunteer there or find a list of items to donate on their website. Another huge way you could help is by checking out the shelter and seeing if there is a future forever family member waiting for you!

What do you think of the OC Jeep Club helping out the shelter? Have you volunteered with the shelter or donated to it before? Drop a comment below!

**Images courtesy of the Ocean City Jeep Club Facebook page.

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