One of Colorado's own attempts Mt. Everest not once, but twice.

Fort Collins mountaineer Jim Davidson is more than two weeks into his second attempt at climbing Mt. Everest. Why is this the second attempt you ask? The first quest in 2015 was stopped after a deadly earthquake erupted in the area, creating avalanches that killed more than 20 climbers as well as ruining necessary paths to reach the top. When the earthquake erupted, Davidson was at Camp One at an elevation above 20,000 feet. So far, Davidson's journey has been running much smoother than it was the first time.  Via satellite phone, Davidson states:
Things are running much better, I think, for me personally, I was sicker then and that made it much less fun and everything.  You know what's going to happen,” he commented about having previously attempted.
Previously, Davidson has successfully summited Cho Oyu, which is the sixth highest mountain in the world. Cho Oyu stands at an elevation of 26,864! Mt. Everest has been one of Davidson's dreams, and now he's finally attempting it again. His 65 day push will be segmented into 3 steps as follows:
  1. He will reach the Lobuche base camp by a two-week deep trek into the Himalayas. This past Friday, it was heard that Davidson was almost done with his two-week trek ready to cross Cho-La Pass on the way to the camp. Once he arrives, he will meet up with other team members from the International Mountain Guides group.
  2. The second step is to climb Lobuche East to its fake summit. Davidson won't be climbing to the real summit because it is extremely dangerous, and the goal is to get acclimatized to 20,000 feet. This will take about 3-4 days.
  3. The third portion of his journey will be 5 weeks straight attempting to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, which will be sometime in May.
It won't be this simple, however. Davidson and his team still will have multiple rotations up to high mountain camps and back to Everest base camp. "There's going to be some rough days ahead,” Davidson said. “There'll be stomach issues. There'll be altitude issues. There’ll be some weather. But so far it’s running really smooth." Be sure to check back on the status of Davidson's progress, and make sure to send him well thoughts as he attempts Everest for the second time!

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