Soon, Bethesda will house a Pinstripes location, the bistro, bocce and bowling establishment will provide area residents with something new and different.

Pinstripes, the bowling and bocce bistro chain, has announced that the company’s newest location will soon open in North Bethesda’s Shopping and Entertainment District Pike and Rose. Pinstripes already has one area location in Georgetown, the North Bethesda location is expected to be a big hit among residents and the community. Pinstripes is an evening dining and entertainment facility which allows guests to enjoy bistro dining, bowl and play bocce all in one place. There are few, if any places, like it. Its Bethesda home within Pike and Rose is also one of the few places where you can dine, attend a concert, shop, live and work. Pinstripes’ goal of providing “sophisticated fun” seems to have been met, the Bethesda facility is a whopping 37,000-square-foot, state of the art space which will house 14 bowling lanes, ten indoor and outdoor bocce ball courts, an Italian American Bistro/Menu and an outdoor patio. bowling Customers will have extensive menu selections to choose from. The Lunch and Dinner menu of the Bistro has just about everything you would expect an Italian American Bistro located in Bethesda or any other wealthy city, town or suburb to have. From stuffed mushroom and lump crab appetizers, to lunch entrée burgers and sandwiches, and much more, many patrons may just want to go for the food. There is also a Gluten Free Menu, which has nearly as many excellent and custom selections as the regular dinner menu does. The Drink Menu is also quite extensive, patrons will have lots of different wine glass and bottle options while the 14 craft beers on the menu will provide gamers with a nice selection, as will the selection of craft whiskeys and cocktails.
As for the entertainment, bowling on the 14 bowling lanes is no more expensive than a regular bowling alley despite the high-profile location and impressive, brand new facilities. Bocce Ball is a less commonly played game not unlike lawn bowling and somewhat like shuffleboard. However, Pinstripes’ facilities will house top notch facilities rather than that of a cheap hotel at affordable and fair prices. You can learn more about bocce ball here. The craft beer and happy hour prices are more than fair, a pint of good quality craft beer will only cost between $4-$6. The fancier wines on the wine list, meanwhile, are rather expensive, as are the rarer and highest quality import beers and craft whiskeys. However, if you just want to bowl or play bocce and have a few decent brews, you won’t end up spending a whole lot. bowling Menu prices beyond drinks and drink specials have not been revealed just yet, but bowling and bocce prices are listed as ranging between $8-$15 per hour for bowling, while bocce court rental prices range between $5-$10 and rental bowling shoes are just $5. For pricing info and venue hours, visit the Pinstripes Bethesda location website, there you also can view and download menus, make reservations or setup your next private event or party.
What are your thoughts on the new location? Will you be going once it opens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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