Denver Public Works debuts 'Plow Tracker’ website. Now, you can confirm those three snow plows sitting in a parking lot are indeed there.

Denver Public Works (DPW) is gearing up for what has been predicted to be a snowy winter. The organization hosted its annual snow kick-off celebration on Oct. 4, where it showed off its snow removal equipment and a new feature that you can use. 

It says its plows are prepared for winter and announced the new ‘Plow Tracker’ website, which will show the progress of its work.

When the snow starts to fall, those of you in the metro area will now be able to track plows equipped with GPS locators to find out where they are and if they are headed your way. Denver Public Works provides service to about 1,900 lane miles of main streets thanks to its fleet of 70 large snow plows. Another 36 smaller plows deploy on the side streets if enough snow has piled up.

While we’ve been severely lacking in the snow department the last several years, Denver’s average snowfall is about 57 inches a year. Denver Public Works prepares for about 50 to 60 inches of snowfall every year.

Denver Public Works reminds Denverites that winters can get really rough, really fast in the state, and plow drivers will be out in 12-hour shifts to help keep the city running as smoothly as possible. And, if we get one of those giant blizzards that we all know and love, you can always just strap on cross-country skis and enjoy the snow drifts.

Denver Blizzard

The blizzard of 1913 didn't stop this guy. Courtesy of Denver Public Library. 

Heading out of the city and onto the wide open roads of our great state? You can also track snowplow activity by highway through the Colorado Department of Transportation’s interactive map.  

What do you think? Are you ready for the winter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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