Three new produce products have been recalled out of concern for the E-coli virus. 

Adam Bros. Farming Inc. in Santa Maria, California, has been linked to carrying the E-coli virus (more than once) and has issued a recall for red and green leaf lettuce and cauliflower. Some of the products have been shipped out to Maryland, so residents are advised to be cautious of the dates on produce labels. The products that could have been affected were harvested between November 27 and 30. If you purchased cauliflower or lettuce between those dates, be sure to return them to the store of purchase or toss them in the trash.

The Reason:

The cause of the outbreak is that sediment from a nearby reservoir (where the product is being grown) tested positive for E-coli. The farm is stressing that the produce, as well as the filtered and treated water, have all tested negative for the virus, and no one has reported falling ill. 


The red and green leaf lettuce were shipped out to wholesalers in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Canada, while the cauliflower was sent out to wholesalers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

What to do if infected:

If you do discover that you have been infected, be sure to take the next precautionary steps. If you have consumed any of the produce products recalled, be sure to watch out for these symptoms

  • abdominal cramping
  • sudden, severe watery diarrhea that may change to bloody stools
  • gas
  • loss of appetite or nausea
  • vomiting (uncommon)
  • fatigue
  • fever

Some severe symptoms may include: 

  • dehydration
  • bloody urine
  • decreased urine output
  • pale skin
  • bruising

If you think you may have been infected, call your doctor right away. For further information on the E-coli infection, its symptoms, and what to do in case of an outbreak, check out Web MD

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