Any time I can use my love of fashion to help others in the community, I’m there and ready to participate. I know many feel the same way. 

The fab’rik boutique clothing store in Richmond, Virginia, is hosting its first-ever "closet clean-out challenge." Other fab’rik locations across the country (there are a total of 40!) have done this in the past, and with much success.

So, what is a closet clean-out challenge, you ask? Well, let me first explain what it’s for. 

Every year since 2009, other fab’rik locations have participated in a “free spree,” which essentially allows women in need (often refugees or those living in shelters) to come into the store and get help picking out clothes, and then take them home for free. The aim is to provide women with the resources to succeed in things like job interviews or school, and since it started, the "free fab'rik" movement has assisted 3,000 women nationwide.

“Refugees from the Congolese and Afghan communities, ranging from teenagers to middle-age women, are expected to participate in the event," reported.

And that’s where the closet clean-out challenge comes in! All the clothes the women will be able to shop for will be gently used and provided by the community, which is why the Richmond fab’rik boutique is challenging all of us to clean out our closets and bring in the items we no longer want. 

I’ll gladly clean out my closet for this cause, wouldn’t you? 

The event will happen on Friday, October 5, and the current manager of the store, Elle Hamman, hopes that not only will the first one be successful, but that there will be many more successful “free fab’rik” events to come. 

To participate, you can drop off your closet clothing donations through the month of August at fab'rik, 3004 W. Cary St., in Richmond. Call them at (804) 254-5653 for more information.


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It just makes me smile when I think about how a love for fashion and clothing can translate into a love for helping others feel like the best version of themselves!

What are your thoughts on “free fab’rik?” Are you planning to participate? Let us know in the comments below!

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