A study found that 75 percent of aggressive spider colonies survive hurricanes. 

According to a recent study, hurricanes can bring more than flooding and destruction: they bring higher quantities of aggressive spiders, too (NOOOOOOO)! The reason? Aggressive spiders are more likely to survive impending storms because they are better at gathering resources before the devastation hits. 

I. Am. Freaking. Out.

The study was recently conducted by researchers at the Nature Ecology and Evolution journal. It revealed that 75 percent of the "Anelosimus studiosus" spider colonies had survived the hurricane during what they call a "Black Swan" event.

Since hurricanes bring destruction, spreading debris for miles, many habitats are destroyed, forcing wild animals to rehome themselves elsewhere and survive on the resources that they have gathered. If they were unable to gather enough resources, they would be wiped out. 

During the research team's observations, Anelosimus studiosus spiders were labeled into two categories: docile and aggressive. Four factors come into play that determines if they are labeled aggressive or docile: speed, how they pursue their prey, cannibalism towards the male spiders and eggs, and how vulnerable they are or not towards incoming danger. 

The docile spiders were wiped out during the storm because of the lack of resources. However, the more aggressive spiders were well-prepared and had gathered enough resources to last them through the winter, which allowed them to create more egg casings resulting in larger quantities of the aggressive spiders after the storm was long over. 

*Shivers* WHY??

Next time you take a walk in the woods, bring a flamethrower with you—Better yet, just don't take a walk in the woods for a little while. 

I am currently feeling this: 

And this:

However aggressive the spider is, we know one thing is for sure: the woods are no longer a safe place to be right after a hurricane. I know that I will personally be walking the dog around the neighborhood instead.

Tropical storms and hurricanes greatly affect the overall behavior and habits of wild animals, and we need to be aware of that! 

I. Am. Screaming.

How are you feeling about this? Do you like spiders? Are you happy or upset that this is happening? Will you be avoiding the woods? Tell us in the comments!