After four months of hearing surrounding community's questions and concerns - Superfly organizers officially announce Overland Park Golf Course for a new festival.

Back in February, we reported on a possible music festival coming to Colorado. The promotors of the festival, Superfly, responsible for extremely popular festivals like Outside Lands and Bonnaroo, was scoping out several areas for the potential fest. The group, along with The City of Denver's Office of Special Events have announced they will be moving forward to host the massive festival in Denver's Overland Park Golf Course. Since February, several meetings have been held amongst the Denver community regarding the festival. Namely, surrounding neighborhoods to Overland Park Golf Course. According to a statement released by the City of Denver's office of special events:
Community input was key in the decision to move to the next step. We learned so much about what is important to our neighborhoods and that protecting them from impacts like trash, sound and parking are as vital as protecting the landscape, turf, and wildlife that we so value about our green spaces." - Jolon Clark, Councilman for District 7
Over a span of four months comments, questions, and concerns were addressed through a series of community meetings with neighborhood organizations and golf patrons, large public meetings and even a survey. The survey gauged the opinions of over 1,500 individuals, a majority of which felt concerns regarding parking, trash, impact on the course, neighborhood benefits and others were adequately addressed. If you're interested in seeing an overview of the input that was received, you can check that out here. With the a-okay from the surrounding community, the Office of Special Events and Superfly will proceed with the next organizational steps. A contract with Superfly will be drawn up to ensure that the production company "makes good" on its commitments to the community. The contract will be sent to City council for approval, which will include a public hearing. The mega-fest will then be subject to the review process for all special events on public property.
The festival itself will be a multi-day music and arts festival featuring musicians from all corners of the musical world. The festival aims to attract music fans of all ages including kids, families and adults. Superfly is best known for music festivals like Outside Lands, Bonaroo, and Coachella. This festival, however, will be much different than its Superfly counterparts. The proposed family-oriented festival will focus on the arts, food, and culture of Denver. The proposal for the festival details multiple stages, and that it could attract anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 people per day. Check out the Denver Office of Special Events for more details on the proposed event!

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