Firebird, a brand new floorless roller coaster takes flight at Six Flags America in spring 2019.

Prepare for the ride of your life as Six Flags America brings its 11th thrilling rollercoaster to life. The Firebird will rise from the ashes and soar through the air as it takes you on a magical journey. Along the way, you’ll battle a nine-foot drop and land on a half-mile-long figure-eight track. Do you have the stomach and courage to take on the challenge?

As Maryland’s first floorless roller coaster, Firebird is expected to give thrill-seekers an entirely new experience. You’ll feel completely airborne as the wind rushes beneath your legs and the breeze whips through your hair. The lack of floor will also generate a faster, smoother ride so that you can truly enjoy the adrenaline pumping through your veins.


Firebird will take the place of Apocalypse, which made its final run on September 8. However, the ride is only one small part of Six Flags' transformation. Last year they brought the iconic superheroine Wonder Woman to life and started taking adrenaline junkies through a truthful ride on her lasso. Then, a couple of months ago, Six Flags also introduced a wild and wet adventure ride known as Wahoo River.

According to Six Flags president Rick Howarth, “Six Flags is recognized for the most innovative rides and attractions in the industry,” and Firebird is definitely expected to add to that collection.

So, are you ready to take on the flight of a lifetime? Let us know if you’ll be soaring through the air on Firebird next spring!

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