In a heartwarming wrap-up to the Taylor Swift saga, the pop star sent brightly colored flower arrangements to the employees at Craftsy -- the company who hung Post-it note messages of support in the office windows across the street from the courthouse where her trial went down this past week.

The office workers combined their Post-it note ingenuity with Swift's popular song lyrics, posting supportive messages in the windows facing the courthouse.
I could see your messages in the window every single morning I was on trial!" Swift wrote in the accompanying note. "Thank you for brightening my day for every day I was in Denver."
[caption id="attachment_21475" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]post Image courtesy of Twitter[/caption] “Taylor is a creative and inspiring woman,” Chelsea Nickerson, a Craftsy employee told HuffPost. “She’s been such a positive influence in so many people’s lives, we just wanted to send some of that positivity back to her.”
[caption id="attachment_21473" align="aligncenter" width="720"]post Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images[/caption] The Post-it messages included lyrics from multiple hit songs and albums that Swift has released over the last decade. After receiving the beautiful arrangements, the Craftsy employees posed with the bouquets and posted their thanks on Twitter: post post Kudos to the lovely employees at Craftsy for showing Swift some love while she was here -- and to Taylor for returning that love with such a sweet gesture! Office workers just a block away from Craftsy and the courthouse made headlines a couple weeks ago when they exchanged multiple Post-it note messages in the windows between buildings. Swift was in Denver for a little over a week. She and her team were cleared of wrongdoing in the firing of a former KYGO morning host David Mueller, and she was successful in suing him for assault, winning a symbolic $1 -- which she was seeking for the principle, alone.

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