The CDC has a few more recommendations in the fight against the coronavirus.

Although it's good to have a face mask and bottle or two of hand sanitizer in your car, extra precautions can be taken while you're driving a vehicle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a few more suggestions as precautions against contracting COVID-19. They recommend:

  • Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before driving or riding in a car. They also recommend doing the same thing as soon as you leave a car.
  • Wearing a mask and keeping the windows open, even a little, if you're driving or riding with someone who is not your family or part of your household. The main goal is to not allow the air to recirculate, so even having the air conditioning on is preferred. Doing this is especially important if you do a ride-share or Uber.

gas pumps

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  • Having disinfecting wipes on your person at gas stations, so you can use them on the pump handles and buttons before touching them. Doing so will protect you from transfering any germs or infectants into your car and onto your hands.
  • Cleaning your car frequently. The CDC suggests using disinfectant to wipe down things like your steering wheel, buttons, and other parts you touch. Cleaning the seat buckles and radio and temperature controls is also important, since those are frequently-touched places, too.

What do you think about these extra precautions? Are they already part of your routine? Share in the comments!