Beta Nightclub closes its doors for the last time.

For over a decade, Beta Nightclub has been a staple in the Denver nightlife scene. And, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to this iconic Denver club this past Saturday, January 5.

When Beta first opended its doors back in 2007, it strived to become the ultimate dance club destination, both here in Denver and around the world -- and has always aimed to be the best version of itself. The unassuming all brick exterior gave way to a truly authentic underground nightclub experience, the likes of which this city had never experienced before. Beta lived its motto, "Club Culture Evolving," and contiued to push the limits as to what a nightclub could be. 

In a heartfelt message to the dance community, club owner Brad Roulier said in a Facebook post:

"As we made the decision to draw Beta Nightclub to a close, we reflect back on this mantra and what it has become. We want to honor what we set out to do, honor our DJs for their devotion to their craft, honor our staff and promoters for their dedication, and most importantly, honor our fans who have shared their valuable time with us. It is with that reflection that we acknowledge the need to take this time to reset, recalibrate, and re-familiarize ourselves with our promise. Our reputation reflects our integrity and we want to remain true to what we stood for."

From the heart-pounding Funktion-One Sound System to the mezmerizing lasers, LEDs, and playing host to artists from around the world, Beta will forever be a musical sancuatary listed amongst the world's greatest, including Studio 54 in New York, Berghain in Berlin, and Space in Ibiza. 

Photo Courtesy of Jaybird Photography via Facebook

Over the years, Beta cemented its legacy with a variety of awards, including:

  • Top 25 Greatest Clubs of All Time | Billboard, 2015
  • #1 Club | Magnetic Magazine Readers Poll, 2015
  • #1 Club in America | Rolling Stone, 2013
  • Top 100 Clubs in the World |, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

For many, Beta was more than just a nightclub. It was a refuge, an escape from the daily grind and the mundane. A place where friends and strangers alike would come together to let loose, dance, and get lost in the music and be part of a community that's free of judgement.

Beta was also the breeding ground for many local artists, as the club provided numerous opportunities for young, aspiring artists to test their skills in "The Lounge," which was essentially a club within a club. The Lounge also hosted many world-class acts in a more intimate setting that still boasted an award-winning sound system and state-of-the-art production. 

Chus + Ceballos performing at Proper Sundays for Beta Nightclub and Mahesh Presents. Photo by Rolf Brusletto

Beta was a club where careers were made, frienships strengthened and souls were transported to another world full of peace, love, unity and respect.


Personally, I spent countless unfortgettable nights within Beta's walls and was lucky enough to have created relationships with people at the nightclub, who I now have the privilege of calling my best friends and family. This community proivided me a true sense of beloning. I am forever grateful for the time I spent and the memories I made. 

Photo Courtesy of Chief B via Facebook

Loved and respected equally by fans, staff, promoters, and artists alike, Beta will undoudbetly be missed, though its legacy will live on through the hearts and minds of everyone who ever stepped foot inside. 

What do you think? Did you ever pay a visit to Beta Nightclub? Share your favorite memory of the nightclub with us in the comments below.

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