I know dorm space is tight in an urban setting -- especially in a university located right outside of Washington, D.C. 

But I didn’t know how tight until I found out that the University of Maryland is running on so little dorm space that they’re turning lounges into rooms and adding even more people to already-tight roommate situations. 

A little insane, but it’s true. The University of Maryland has accepted about 350 more students than last year, and they need space to fit them all.

So, they’re converting “campus housing by adding another bed to double and triple rooms, and by converting dormitory lounges into dorm rooms.”

And why, you ask, has there been an increase in Maryland acceptance rates in the past year? Well, it’s all part of an effort to strengthen the University of Maryland brand through aggressive recruiting -- which is great for the university as a whole, but comes with some side effects. 

Things have gotten so desperate that, 

“At College Park, the Office of Resident Life had gone so far as to offer a $750 incentive to upperclassmen who would agree to give up their dorm room and move off campus in order to free up space. But only 19 students accepted the offer to cancel their housing.”

The good news is that the University of Maryland has been able to find space (somewhere) for everyone who signed up for it before May 1. So, you know, you’ll have a place to live -- it’ll just be a small, cramped space. 


Courtesy of ochdatabase.umd.edu

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