If you had the unfortunate plans of heading to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles this Saturday, you’ll now have the unfortunate plans of having to wait until next weekend. 

"Why?" you ask. Well, all the Virginia DMVs will be closed this coming Saturday, August 4. Before you audibly groan (trust us, we did), it’s for somewhat of an important issue.

According to the DMV,

“The closure will 'enable the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) to move the state’s mainframe services to a new supplier’s location ... While the mainframe is down, customers will also not be able to conduct transactions on dmvNOW.com. Web service will be restored as soon as VITA completes the move.’”

Basically, in human speak, they will be switching out all your data onto a new platform and performing some IT maintenance that day. Therefore, the DMV will not be able to process anything. And in typical DMV fashion, they can’t tell us when operations will be up and running again. But hopefully, this will only last a day for those of us who actually need things done. 

Sorry to ruin your two-hour waiting-in-line plan! Though I’m sure you’ll forgive us when you’re hanging out on your rooftop pool with a cocktail in-hand instead. 

Get more information here, or go directly to the source for the details on the Virginia DMV website

How do you feel about the Virginia DMV closing this weekend? Does it affect your plans? If so, start the conversation by letting us know below. 

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