Winter is just beginning as meteorologists predict another yet whirlwind of snow for this weekend. 

It looks like the weather outside will be frightful, and the fire inside delightful. Hopefully, you’ve got no place to go, because this weekend’s going to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The area’s first snow storm of the year gave us about 3-7 inches of snow in the DMV. The storm also brought with it dangerous road conditions, school and government closings, snow-covered buildings, and icy refreezes.

However, it looks like Jack Frost isn't quite done with us yet. This weekend is expected to bring some more fresh white snow to the bustling streets of the DMV.

Although the weather reports have changed constantly over the past couple of days, one thing is for certain: there is a chance of snow. Originally, weather reporters were predicting that the snow would start Thursday and last until Monday morning. However, now it looks like the storm will hold out until the weekend.

According to Accuweather, the storm will hit us on Saturday and reach totals of 6 to 12 inches “by the time the snow winds down on Sunday night.” 

Other reports predict that the snow will start during the late afternoon on Saturday and produce lighter snow totals of about 3 inches. However, the temperature will drastically drop on Sunday morning, ushering in freezing cold air and a potential flash freeze. Afternoon temperatures on Sunday will be in the 0s and 10s, with freezing rain that may wash away any salt or ice melting chemicals and create icy, slick roads. 

Regardless of the report, the heaviest snow is expected to focus on the I-66 and I-95 corridors. Therefore, travel along these areas will be even slower than normal. and the icy snow will make the roads extremely dangerous and slippery.

Meteorologists are also expecting this year’s snow totals to be significantly higher than previous years. As of last Sunday, Reagan National Airport had 5.4 inches of snow, which is the largest amount of snow the airport has seen from one snow storm since January 2016. This has led some reporters to predict that future storms in the area will come with higher than average snowfalls and more dangerous road conditions. 

If you have plans this weekend, you might want to adjust for the potential snow storm. Although the weather reports are constantly changing, the fact of the matter is that the area will see some amount of snow very soon. Break out the hot chocolate, fire up the fireplace, and be sure to stay safe this weekend.

Let us know how you plan on spending your snowy weekend, and tune into Our Community Now for updates on the impending storm.   

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