I am all for trying out different flavors, but this? The clam-flavored candy cane may be the most disturbing of all. 

If you love the holidays, then chances are, you like candy canes, too. Candy canes are, in fact, a particular favorite of mine. But I wasn’t quite prepared for this.

There is such a thing, ladies and gentleman, as a clam-flavored candy cane. They’re lovingly called "clamdy canes" (I may have just gagged in my mouth writing that). Archie McPhee is releasing the clam-flavored creations before the holidays, and you can buy a box of six for only $4.95. 

The description on the packaging goes something like this: 

From the personified clam on the package to the clam taste, you’ll wonder how Christmas existed without Clamdy Canes. They’re a candy clamity! We all celebrate holidays in our own way and if your holiday tastes like the sea, this is for you. Add a little sand for extra clam realness. If anyone complains, just tell them to clam up. Each candy cane is 5-1/4" tall with gray and white stripes.”

Right, okay. I still don’t know how that sits with me. You do have to give them points for the wordplay, though.

But you know, I shouldn’t judge. If you like salty seafood in your mouth where sweet sugar should be, more power to you. Maybe you just really want a nice, hearty seafood meal, but you can’t get your hands on one, so you reach for a clamdy cane instead. Makes total sense. 

You can read up on the full release here

candy cane

Courtesy of boingboing.net

What do you think of these clam-flavored candy canes? I desperately want to know where people stand on this, so please share your opinion in the comments below!

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