That doesn’t sound great, right? Well, actually 12 greater area Baltimore businesses and individuals currently owe more than a couple million dollars in taxes to the government. 

Can you believe that collectively 25 businesses and 21 individuals in Maryland owe around $13.5 million dollars in taxes? We sure are baffled. The Maryland Comptroller, a.k.a, the chief financial officer of the state, Peter Franchot, finally revealed the names. The aim of publishing the names is to, we would hope, get these people and companies to step up and pay their taxes. Public shame does have a tendency to work, right?

And this isn’t even a surprise to them. 

“When an individual or business fails to pay their Maryland taxes, the Comptroller's Office initially sends a certified letter listing any unpaid charges incurred for taxes, interest and penalties. The businesses and individuals named on the list are taxpayers who failed to contact the Comptroller's Office to satisfy their tax liability or enter into an agreement to do so."


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Franchot's office filed liens against the businesses and individuals and notified them they would be included on the list.”

Some of the worst offenders include Sharpsburg Shell & Snax (owing $1.6 million) and private individual Venus D. Hill, who owes a little more than $1.5 million. You can view a full list of these non-tax-paying people and entities, as well as the amount of money they owe the state, here

Do you recognize any of the business on this list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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