Sure, every urban metropolis has its drawbacks, but it turns out that one Maryland city has more than the rest. 

Baltimore, Maryland, was ranked the ninth worst city in America by 24/7 Wall Street Report

"So, why?" you may ask. Everyone knows that Baltimore hasn't had the best history in the latter part of the 20th century. But what's happening now that's keeping Baltimore from being a very livable city? 

First, Baltimore has one of the highest rates of poverty in the country -- 21.9 percent. In a city where living costs are 12 percent more expensive than the national average, Baltimore's average household makes just $47,350 a year, which is less than any other city in Maryland. This equates to a pretty low standard of living and a diminished lifestyle. 

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Also, Baltimore has horribly congested traffic, and commuters spend longer on average sitting in their cars to and from work, eating into time spent catering on one's own personal needs, as well as with friends and family. 

To come up with their rankings, 24/7 Wall Street Report "took into account affordability, job market strength, infrastructure, commute times and other factors," Patch reported.

However, there is hope. There have become cultural pockets of Baltimore that are leading the way in revitalizing the city. Baltimore is an incredibly historic and important city in the United States, so it matters that it starts to change. 

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