The Virginia Beach-based Operation Blessing has teamed up with the Clinton Foundation to provide disaster relief in the form of solar technology.

Operation Blessing, the charity foundation founded by Christian leader and broadcaster Pat Robertson, has begun working with the Clinton Foundation to provide humanitarian relief in the form of solar power to storm-damaged and impoverished areas in the Caribbean. The organizations announced last week that the efforts will aid in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as both territories’ power grids were severely damaged this hurricane season. This has also affected food and water supplies, as well as access to medical care. Operation Blessing and the Clinton Foundation will be working with the Solar Foundation in an effort that has been named “Solar Saves Lives,” and other humanitarian organizations will also be helping to provide much-needed relief.
Solar Saves Lives will help to restore power in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico by delivering donated solar technologies, materials, and equipment that will help in restoring damaged infrastructures in the two territories. Thus far, over $5 million worth of solar equipment has been donated by more than 20 different organizations and companies, most of which are power and solar energy companies and providers. Solar Saves Lives has also received monetary donations from companies and from fundraisers and giving campaigns organized by companies who have pledged donations to the effort. The initiative is accepting donations via its website and is also seeking items such as solar cell chargers and lanterns, solar refrigeration units, and solar water purification units by any company or organization capable of contributing to the effort. Those who wish to give a tax-deductible monetary donation can also do so via Operation Blessing’s donation page, The Solar Foundation’s website, and the Clinton Foundation’s donation page.

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