Trader Joe's has introduced a new mac & cheese flavor that borrows from another favorite dish! Spoiler alert: it's delicious!

It's commonly said that too much of a good thing is no good at all. Well, we happen to disagree when that good thing is a new version of an already-great food! Trader Joe's seems to be on our side with its newest frozen mac & cheese. If you haven't tried their original mac & cheese bowls, you really should. They're the perfect no-hassle dinner for a busy day when you don't want to cook! The newest version of this classic favorite brings in a few ingredients from another favorite comfort food: pepperoni pizza! Yes, you read that right. Trader Joe's has introduced a Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese Bowl. Candyhunting recently posted a photo of the new dish, saying that it appears to be replacing the Truffle Mac & Cheese. Trader Joe's themselves have not yet confirmed the new addition, but Candyhunting's photographic evidence is hard to refute! Hopefully, we'll be seeing this new frozen delight in stores soon. Based on Candyhunting's image, it looks like the dish will have the same pasta and cheese found in other Trader Joe's mac & cheese offerings. There will be pepperoni on top, tomato sauce mixed in, and possibly even some melty mozzarella on top! I don't know about you, but I think that sounds absolutely heavenly.
Many commenters agree with us, insisting that this is the perfect new flavor combination. Some have said that they've tried to create similar dishes at home, and one user even suggested the next flavor to Trader Joe's! "TJ's is ahead of the mac & cheese game! They need to make dessert 'mac & cheese.'" That may sound wild, but we know we'd all try it right away! Until TJ's decides to experiment with sweet pasta dishes, we'll look forward to our newest savory option with excitement!

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