Six-year-old David Puckett went missing on New Years Eve. After ID confirmation on a found body, we send our heartbroken thoughts and prayers to the Puckett family.

Through a five day search of the Aurora area, hopeful thoughts and wishes have come to an end for the family and loved ones of six-year-old David Puckett. The Arapahoe County Coroner has officially confirmed a child's body found in a nearby pond is in fact the young boy. A specialized air-sniffing police dog lead the search to the near-by pond, and hearts sank as a child's body was uncovered under the ice. It was reported that family members and authorities had searched the area previously. However, no evidence of broken ice or footsteps were discovered. After the body was uncovered, definite answers were up in the air as officials could not properly identify the child's body. While many kept hope that David was still out there, several Aurora citizens had already begun a memorial alongside the pond. On Wednesday, the Arapahoe Coroner's office officially confirmed what authorities could not. The child found in the Olympic Park pond was indeed David's. Over 150 volunteers arrived to help the family and authorities on their search. The FBI was also brought in to lend a hand and find the child. Puckett Many questions, concerns and fingers have been pointed at both David's mother, and the Aurora Police department. According to Puckett's mother, David had a history of wandering away from home. He had once wandered before, but came home shortly after. Given this information, among other reasons, there was not an immediate AMBER alert. This was mostly due to there being no suspicion of abduction.

It wasn't until nearly 48 hours after Puckett wandered from home, Aurora PD issued an AMBER alert. There was an expressed danger for the incoming cold weather, coupled with Puckett's lack of proper warm clothing.

The joined forces of the FBI, the Aurora Police Department, and Arapahoe County led to the amplified efforts to search the Olympic Park area. Less than a mile away from Puckett's home. These resources allowed authorities to reassess the area, and led to the discovery of David's body below the ice of a nearby pond. After an emotional press conference lead by Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz, answers were murky toward the identity of the body that was found. Although the identity was not yet confirmed, David's mother was informed that a body was found. The body was identified in under 24 hours. The exact death of David Puckett has not yet been confirmed. Puckett's body did not appear to have any signs of trauma, and the exact cause of death is still under investigation. The Aurora Police Department has released a message thanking all citizens for their efforts to #FindDavid. Also sending out their support to David's family and loved ones. Puckett   Our hearts, thoughts, prayers and everything else go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of David Puckett.   For more information on the criteria of an AMBER alert, and the processes of finding a missing child please visit the AMBER alert website of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.