Unicorn Frappucino wreaking havoc on Starbucks!

The Unicorn Frappucino is much less colorful than Starbucks thought it would be. The popular blue and pink drink caused a craze among many, especially the baristas who had to mass create them. However, the Unicorn Frappucino is the furthest thing from magic as a lawsuit has just recently been filed against Starbucks.

A cafe in Brooklyn, New York who already has a "Unicorn Latte" is claiming that Starbucks dominated its already health-conscious drink with the sugary Unicorn Frappucino. The cafe called "The End" first began selling the"Unicorn Latte" in December and has a trademark on the drink name that has been pending since January.

The drinks are very different in the sense that The End's drink is made with raw cashews, lemon juice, and cold-pressed ginger (much better for the waistline) whereas the Starbucks version is made with pink powder, mango syrup, and sour blue syrup.

The lawsuit is requesting that Starbucks give "The End" profit from their Unicorn Frappucino and pay for damages. Not only this, but it's also asking that Starbucks publicly release a statement to correct the confusion. In other words, say that "The End" was the first to create this drink.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTxotC-gPu2/?tagged=unicornfrappuccino https://www.instagram.com/p/BT1XBFwFVtN/?tagged=theendbrooklyn

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