Fairfax County Police just announced that they will be staging a DUI checkpoint in the Reston District this Friday night.

In recent weeks, Fairfax County Police Department has avoided publicly announcing where and when sobriety checkpoints will be held. Typically, those announcements are featured in the Fairfax County Police Department daily recaps published in the lead up to the scheduled checkpoint. This week, the checkpoint was not featured in the Department's daily crime recaps, however, it was announced on the FCPD social media pages. DUI Checkpoint While the Department has given specific times and places for these checkpoints in the past, they are only warning that it will be officers from the Reston District Station conducting the stops this weekend. One can reasonably predict, however, that the checkpoint will be staged in the evening hours, likely into early Saturday.
It is important to note that Reston District is more than just the City of Reston. This map shows where Reston District Station police officers will be most likely to set up a DUI checkpoint this weekend. In the past, checkpoints have been set up along Fairfax County Parkway. DUI Checkpoint There is a lot of debate over whether or not police departments should publicize where and when these DUI checkpoints will be held. Many argue that this only serves to tip-off drunk drivers and help them avoid being caught. Others point to these warnings as a common courtesy for law-abiding citizens so they can plan their schedules around these time consuming checkpoints. Officially, the Fairfax County Police Department releases these warnings because they are one of the best ways to remind people of the dangers and penalties of drunk driving. Aside from the untold damage you can cause yourself and others, a first-time DWI conviction in the Commonwealth of Virginia carries a maximum penalty of $2,500 fine, a year in jail, and a suspended driver’s license for a whole year once you get out of jail. Of course, that doesn't include the thousands of dollars that will be spent on legal fees or all of the lost wages stemming from the conviction. No matter how you slice it, a cab/Lyft/Uber ride is always cheaper than a DUI. So if you're going out this weekend, please remember to drink responsibly and DON'T drink and drive.

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